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Where do i harvest iris seed from?

i know you can split plants up by their tubers or bulbs but can you harvest seed from any breed iris or are seed only harvested from certain breeds of iris and how or where do the seed come from....if you harvest the seed will they still multiply

Where do i harvest iris seed from?
The only way I have ever seen iris sold or propagated is by the rhizome. A very few of the water iris (either Siberian or Louisiana) can be seeded, but I think it is to early yet. They make rather large seed pods, where I have never seen these on beardeds.
Reply:Iris plants are bulbs, so you plant them as bulbs, and as the plants mature they will create more bulbs around them, and becomes thicker in an area, as they spread out. They best way to get them if from a neighbor who has a lot, or to buy them. As far as you know you can't harvest the seeds. You can only digs up the bulbs.

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I have a small iris on my eyes, does anyone know how to make them bigger?

when i was young i had a pretty big iris on both of my eyes, and this made me look alot cuter. now that i'm older, it feels like they've shrunk. i want to make them bigger, but i dont' know how. does anyone know how to make the iris of your eye's bigger? please help!

I have a small iris on my eyes, does anyone know how to make them bigger?
go in the dark. They will automatically get bigger. They control the amount of light for you to see. If it is light outside, they get smaller. When it is dark, they get bigger. I wouldn't mess with them.
Reply:nope - nothing can make them bigger. They are just the way they are.
Reply:try to get a mydriatic medication such as phenylephrine, but a word of caution, this could induce glaucoma.

Where about is the IRIS enrolement room at LHR Terminal One?

This is the place where you go to get your iris scanned so UK citizens can enter the country through the iris channel at certain airports. On the Home Office website it says the enrolement office is on the right hand side before reaching the shops (at terminal 1), i wonder if anyone could be more specific? Also do you know if it is open on a Saturday? Thanks.

Where about is the IRIS enrolement room at LHR Terminal One?
It is open on Saturday.

Heat exposer to the iris?

If the eye is exposed to extremely hot heat can it effect the pigments in the iris causing the color in the iris to fade.

Heat exposer to the iris?
Inside every normal eye there is a lens which puts what we look at into clear focus. The picture of everything that we see must enter our eye through this lens on its way to the back of the eye. This situation is very similar to the working of a camera, where light must travel through the lens on its way to the film. As in a camera, the lens of the eye is normally crystal clear and is capable of producing sharp pictures. Under some circumstances, however, this lens becomes cloudy and light does not pass through it easily.

It is this clouding of the otherwise clear natural lens which is termed a cataract. A cataract is not a growth, a tumor, or a film. Nor is it on the outside of the eye, as some people believe. Rather, a cataract is a clouding, or haziness, of the lens inside the eye. If everyone lives long enough, everyone will get cataracts. The point in time when a cataract affects real world useful vision (not Snellen visual acuity) is variable from person to personAs the cataract advances, colors become washed out. All of these changes can occur before the snelling visual acuity test (wall chart letter test) is abnormal. In other words, your visual acuity can be a perfect 20/20 but your quality of vision is not good.

Your eyes are very susceptible to high-intensity short-wave infrared radiation. Long-term exposure to infrared radiation can permanently damage the eyes. Glass blowers and arc welders, for instance, who are exposed to large amounts of infrared irradiation over time, are susceptible to depigmentation of the iris and opacity of the aqueous humor, also known as "glass-blowers' cataract." Goggles with special infrared absorbing glass should be worn by people experiencing long-term exposure to infrared radiation.
Reply:The color of the iris depends on the amount and type of different pigments. Melanocytes produce dark pigments (melanin) which absorbs light. The entire back portion of the iris is almost black from this pigment. The front of the iris is an area of different pigments in different places that produce the color of the eye. In front of the iris is the aqueous in the anterior chamber. This fluid is made behind the iris in the ciliary body, moves forwards around the surface of the lens, out through the pupil into the anterior chamber. If one looks carefully at the aqueous one can see that the front part (behind the cornea) moves down, and the back part near the iris itself moves up, causing a sort of vertical circulation.

The amount of heat you are indicating would have to go through the cornea, which is fairly sensitive....and you'd close your eye before any significant 'heat' was absorbed because it would HURT.

Then the 'heat' energy would have to get through the aqueous which would cool it a bit more, ...then it would have to 'heat' the melanin or other pigment enough to cause it to become 'damaged'.

Now you have a damaged iris, and you can't go outside or in the light at all because it hurts too much to be in light, really hurts. People with Irita's (inflammation of the iris) have terrible photophobia.

Seems that it would take a lot of 'heat' to cause a significant change in iris pigments without causing other damage to other structures.

You were 'made' you. You are the 'only' you on the planet, and here for an instant. No one else like you.

NO ONE CARES about the color of someone Else's iris, someone Else's eye color. We 'like' that color on her, or him, yes it does look really nice...but if the person is a jerk, the eye color goes out the window in a flash.

Socrates was a short, heavy, bald man who everyone around, loved. It was what he said, how he thought, how he taught...that made people admire him, follow him, love him. I'm not sure what color his eyes were. You?

I have a small iris....why?

I'm asian and my entire family has these nice big iris and have a decent amount of white in their eye. But I'm the only one in the family with a tiny iris and a crapload of white in my eye. So I look retarded and dull. Why is this? Does this have anything to do with how I eat and my surroundings?

I have a small iris....why?
(a) You don't look 'retarded and dull', you look great. Remember, for a lot of people, different is sexy.

(b) It's interesting how these sorts of variations pop up in a family, but then every time 2 gametes fuse, it's a re-shuffle in the genetic deck. Why not find out if anyone else in your family has shown this kind of iris? Maybe you're starting a new family tradition!

(c) If you're concerned about your eyes for any reason, it would be a good idea to get them checked by an optometrist to make sure that there isn't something there that you should be alert to. There's almost certainly nothing wrong, but it would probably help you feel better to know.
Reply:Maybe an Eye Doctor, or Ophthalmologist would be a better doctor to see for this as he is a trained doctor of the eyes. An optomitrist can make glasses, but is not an actual doctor of the eye. ;-) Report It

Reply:I doubt it has anything to do with the foods you eat or your environment seeing as you live with your family, who on the opposite have bigger iris.. Have your eyes always looked like that from birth or is it something that changed during aging process?

Personally, I think you should just appreciate the uniqueness of your eyes. If someone says you look "retarded and dull" then ignore them.. these type of people aren't worth your time, or your thoughts. People, most especially teenagers (although being one myself), seek for perfection in their looks too much these days. xP

just forget about it.. and go enjoy life. ;p
Reply:If you've seen an optriton (spelling?) sumtime, then they would have noticed it somthing waz wrong...

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The iris of my eye, or the black of my eye is shrinking?

ive notice the black of my eye or the iris is shrinking. my parents were the one who noticed more. I'm 21 and i spend a lot of time on the computer. I was wondering if it could be that or insomnia.

The iris of my eye, or the black of my eye is shrinking?
Red is absolutely correct.

Your iris is designed to work in exactly this way. This is to protect the retina (back of your eye), and other bits inside your eye. If your pupil didn't do this, your eye would be in serious trouble every time you went out into bright sunlight. You should still wear sunglasses though, your iris isn't 100% protection from sunlight.

The iris in your eye is just like the iris in an older camera. When you want more light to get into the camera on a dim day, you just open up the iris by selecting a smaller f-stop. Your eye will do this automatically, so when there is little light around, your pupils will be quite large.
Reply:The black part of your eye (the pupil) enlarges and shrinks to acccomidate the amount of light entering the eye. If it was really bright in the room, your pupils would have looked really small. If it was dim in the room, you pupils would have been larger. This is completely normal.
Reply:Duuuude just calm down like the girl said

Wanted: Iris video clips!?

I need some video clips from the 2001 movie "Iris" (starring Kate Winslet). I need to be able to put the clips into a powerpoint presentation, but I can't find any clips online. I don't have the movie, I had to borrow it from the library to watch it, but I no longer have it in my possession. If anyone has the movie or knows of a place where I can download it or obtain clips, I would really appreciate it. I think I can figure out how to input a clip onto the powerpoint presentation, but the problem is obtaining a clip. I probably wont have a lot of success with this, but I figure it doesn't hurt to ask! Thanks!

Wanted: Iris video clips!?
well i'm not really sure as to what kind of clip you want or if you were looking for a specific scene but i found this on youtube

and i found the trailer

if that's not what you're looking for i suggest searching'd be surprised at what you can find on there.