Thursday, November 12, 2009

Iris leaves turning yellow?

i planted iris seedling and the leaves are turning yellow and the plants generally look sick. does anyone know what's wrong with it? too much water? not enough water? sun issues? i don't get it...

Iris leaves turning yellow?
most likely fungus
Reply:We're both talking September, right?

They do that.

It's that time of year.

If your iris were a brilliant (well, brilliant for iris, anyway) green,

I;d worry that you had some sort of extraterrestrial/supernatural clone. But yours sounds like it's doing just what should be expected.
Reply:did you plant them to deep , when you plant an iris you never cover the crown of the bulb
Reply:It's time for irises to die now, anyway. They bloom in the spring/early summer... I think it's part of the normal lifecycle.
Reply:Nothing is wrong with it. It's natural. It's time for Iris to go die off(It'll turn yellow and then brown and dry up.) and you'll see the new growth come up in early next spring. No worry!
Reply:sounds like it may be too much water and not the right amount of sun

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