Thursday, November 12, 2009

The iris of my eyes glow under a black light... Why? Please don't tell me my eyes are white or flourescent.

The iris of my eyes is not white or flourescent so I want to know why they glow.. I was the only one who's eyes were glowing in a room with about 50 people in it. I'm not a vampire either. No I wasn't wearing contacts or anything of the sort.

The iris of my eyes glow under a black light... Why? Please don't tell me my eyes are white or flourescent.
Have you ever seen photographs of people with red eyes?

Red eyes occur if the pupils (irises) of a person are dilated and light is shone into them. This is because the light is reflected off the retina. This happens typically in a dark room (Where the pupils would be dilated) and a camera flash goes off before they return to their normal size.

In fact most cameras nowadays have a red eye reduction feature. Generally, the flash goes off not once but twice or thrice. The first few flashes cause the pupils to return to contract and the photograph is taken with the last flash.

So, you have nothing to worry about vampires. Maybe your pupils dilate more than the pupils of other people. It may be that you have a better night vision than others.
Reply:i was curious if you ever found out what causes this? i recently discovered that my eyes do the same thing in black light, and it kind of freaked me out! Report It

Reply:You could have an unusual eye or lens shape, or you may be developing cataracts, or could have an astrocytoma, a tumour at the back of your eye although it is unusual to see it in both eyes. There are some diseases which make your eyes more reflective (Wilson Disease shows a copper deposition inthe iris).

Or you could just be a freak.

In any case, a quick trip to the optician for an eye examination would rule any of these out.
Reply:Since yours were the only one "glowing", I'd be somewhat worried. Is it both eyes, one more than the other, or just one? The light is bouncing off your retinas to cause the reflection; however, I don't know why ultraviolet light could cause it. I'd see an optometrist or ophthalmologist about it; there are some diseases which vary in severity from benign to extremely malignant (retinoblastoma, for one); don't put it off. It would be better to pay for a professional opinion, than it would be to take the chance that it might cost you your sight.


  1. My eyes do the same! ...and everyone else in the room always freaks out.

    My eyes are a medium-dark brown. Same for other people that see this same glow?

    1. I also have medium brown eyes and tonight I was told I have zombie eyes. It freaked me out so much I left the party. I was under the blacklight and my friends said my pupils and whites of my eyes were glowing, my pupil was green like a dogs, I'm googling stuff to this and I am honestly scared that something is wrong, in don't smoke, no diabetes, don't wear glasses or contacts. I hope I can sleep tonight... :(

    2. I have medium brown eyes as well in my eyes glow greenish yellow under the blacklight. I'm not implying that we are monsters or anything but maybe a new generation of human my other family members don't even have eyes like mines. I've always felt there was more to me, maybe it starts with this

  2. My eyes do the same too. I have grey eyes, and I had many people mention to me about how my eyes were glowing purple. I do wear contacts, but one of the people with me has the exact same brand, with a similar prescription, and blue eyes, but her eyes looked normal. I also literally just had an eye appointment. They would have mentioned something if something was up. I think we just have neat eyes.

  3. I do not wear contacts. I have gray eyes. My iris' glow in black lights. Friends told me this when I was around 13 and up. My boyfriend last night said "Your eyes look like Sub-Zero's" so I was curious about this and found this article. If anyone finds out what causes it please share the info.I also noticed that if I am around black lights for a long period of time it bothers my eyes. Anyone else have this?

  4. I have grayish blue eyes, i went to a haunted house and as we were waiting in line under a black light, my boyfriend jumped back, concerned i asked what was wrong, and he laughed and said my eyes were glowing white, like Storms in X-men. I didn't believe him until other people started staring too. I took advantage of it and started freaking people out haha but My bf just hugged me and said i was special even though it was only happening to me, i am looking for answers on Google now but i can't come up with anything. I don't have diabetes, or contacts, i have perfect vision, and not allergic to anything. It was odd but kind of cool. Any ideas on why my eyes glowed like that?