Sunday, April 26, 2009

When do Iris bloom?

This is my first year with Irises. So far, not blooms.. When do they usually bloom?

After they bloom, I may transplant them.. Do they prefer well drained soil, dry, or wet? Full sun, shade, part shade?

Any tips from Iris growers out there? =)

When do Iris bloom?
It should be a few weeks. Normally they bloom in early to mid-June, but I have a rebel iris in my yard that insists on blooming right now, and many of my others have buds on them, too. A lot of spring flowers have been early this year.

Irises do best in full sun, so if you have a sunny hillside, they will do well. I'd hold off on transplanting them until fall--that's when it's best to plant them, too.
Reply:Are you talking about the traditional bearded irises with the big showy blooms? Mine are blooming now (Eastern PA). Bearded irises need good drainage and full sun. You can transplant them after they bloom, but make sure that you do not completely bury the rhizome (the fat roots). These must be exposed to the sun in order for the plants to produce flowers. The rhizomes should be half buried, with the leaves on the north side, so that they get baked over the summer.

There are hundreds of other types of irises -- some of which grow in water, and others which prefer some shade and cool.
Reply:Mine usually bloom later in Summer. They like to be watered regularly and mine are in part sun and shade. They are in front of the house so shady in the morning and sun in the afternoon. They do ok getting a good watering a couple times a week. If you transplant them they usually will not bloom the next summer, but the following year are back to normal.
Reply:Well i have iris and they bloomed in late march. But the ones i planted in partial sunlight did,nt flower at all. They like well drained soil. I think you should go for full sun, because last year too, they did,nt bloom because of insufficient sun light. The physical difference between those which flowered and those which donot was that flowery onesd had broad foilage.Just try to be patient. I am sure your ones will bloom.
Reply:Well, I live in MA, and they're starting to show buds.

When I first got My bulbs, I threw them in my native soil (clay). They did fine. They like to be planted level or slightly above ground, (their bulb doesn't have to be buried completely)and they do like moisture. I love iris and they multiply rapidly!
Reply:We are in the same zone and the foliage is up but they wont bloom until next month. Mine get part sun/part shade and are pretty care free.

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