Monday, May 17, 2010

I woke up with a red spot near the iris of my eye...what is it?

I've seen these on other people's eyes, but never mine. Just along my iris a small red blood-looking spot showed up just under a week ago. Lately my eyes have been extremely sore and almost painful to open when i wake up - maybe just dry. But I think the whites are slightly yellowish as well. Any ideas?

I woke up with a red spot near the iris of my eye...what is it?
Sounds like a busted blood vessel or something in your eye that is irritating it. See your local eye dr.
Reply:Its nice to hear your improving ,,glad I could help a little. Good Luck to you! Report It

Reply:a stye?
Reply:I've had something similar. A burst capillary in the white (sclera) of my eye. Doctor said could be related to high blood pressure, and that we should monitor my bp. The red spot went away.

Dr. also said that if the red spot touched the iris, or worse, surrounded it, situation becomes extremely serious.

Don't take chances. See a doctor immediately.
Reply:Go see a eye doctor.
Reply:If you wear makeup, there's a good chance it's a stye.
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Um, try seeing ur ophthalmologist.
Reply:Yellow in the eyes is a sign of jaundice go to the doctor
Reply:You are describing two very different symptoms. Red in your eye could be simply a broken blood vessel (though they usually clear up quite quickly) or conjunctivitis (pink eye) which is very contagious and needs treatment by a doctor.

If the whites of your eyes are yellow, that needs to be checked by a doctor for sure.

I hope this helps.
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Reply:Sounds like a stye.
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